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Things We Have Forgotten

Wednesday 16 July 2014

The Undercroft, Norwich

Things We Have Forgotten was the second piece in the 2014 Memory and Imagination themed trilogy

Inspired by the exhibition Sainsbury Centre's ‘Monument’ exhibition

Music by Jonathan Baker, Sianed Jones

Texts by Katrina Porteous, James Fenton, Tom Warner, Esther Morgan,Federico Garcia Lorca, Dilys Lewis, Dai Lewis, JR Owen

The Voice Project Quintet:

Sianed Jones

Rebecca Askew

Sian Croose

Jeremy Avis

Jonathan Baker

Lighting by Tim Tracey

Thanks to the Sainsbury Centre for

Visual Arts, Frances Lynch.


Norwich Evening News - July 17th

A quintet of singers contemplated memory and conflict in a poignant musical performance beneath Norwich’s war memorial.

The Voice Project members had created their vocal piece, called Things We’ve Forgotten, in response to the Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts’ current exhibition Monument: Aftermath of War and Conflict.

Part of the exhibition is housed in the Undercroft, underneath the city’s memorial, and the Voice Project quintet sang to two full houses in the atmospheric location on Wednesday evening.

Singers Jonathan Baker, Sian Croose, Jeremy Avis, Rebecca Askew and Sianed Jones took part in the performance, and Jonathan Baker and Sianed Jones composed the music.

“It was derived from and very much inspired by the exhibits from the Sainsbury Centre’s Monument exhibition, and we had the audience moving around with us and standing among the exhibits,” said Mr Baker, who added that the work was also influenced by the Voice Project’s 2014 Norfolk and Norfolk Festival commission, Souvenir, that took place at Holkham Hall in north Norfolk in May.

About performing in the Undercroft, he said: “It’s a very unusual space. It is very unusual to be underneath a war memorial and it has its own resonance.”

• The Monument exhibition is at The Undercroft until August 3 and at the Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts until August 24.

Both parts of the exhibition are free and they are part of a series of inter-connected exhibitions of contemporary art in England and France.

The Sainsbury Centre For Visual Arts has just launched a new website which features more details. Visit http://scva.ac.uk/

• For more about the Norwich-based Voice Project visit www.voiceproject.co.uk


'Early One Morning' by Esther Morgan

As he spoke you rose up

in your light cotton dress,

came walking towards us

out of a valley of brood mares and


carrying your case

with its one change of clothes,

the price of a week’s lodgings

tucked in your purse

and beyond that a future

you’d never have dreamed:

its hills still misty

at this hour of the day

and somewhere, two wars

and four daughters away,

here I am listening

as you turn into song.


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